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Cheesemonger Q&A: Ten Questions with Joe

  1) Who are you? Joe Chaput 2) How long have you worked at LADF? On an off since the 1980’s, permanently since 2001....

New Mural

We’ve collaborated with Vancouver Mural Festival to update the mural at the rear of our East Van cheese shop in Strat...

Cheese: A Love Story / BC Cheese

Did you get to watch Afrim Pristine on Food Network Canada talking about BC cheese? Check it out the season one fin...

Picnic Baskets

Hi Everyone, With warmer weather starting to appear, outdoor picnicking is on everyone's mind. We just received a new...

A Cheese Glossary: Charcuterie

Charcuterie – This is a traditional French term for cured meat, usually made from pork. Salami, pâté and prosciutto a...


Check out Allison's latest post on this affordable cheddar option at

White Fox

Check out Allison's latest post on White Fox at 

Beer & Cheese on The Nosh

Let's chat about beer and cheese with Anya Levykh from the nosh. Featuring Cameron Forsythe from Main Street Brewing ...

Baked Vacherin Mont d'Or

For us, eating a whole baked Vacherin Mont d'Or is synonymous with the holiday season. Yes it's extravagant, but...wh...

Saint Agur

Visit and check out Allison's latest post on one of the most popular blue cheeses in the store, Sa...

Xmas Specialties 2020

Tourtiere Our Holiday Tourtiere will be ready for sale Friday, November 27th. We only make it once or twice during t...

Vacherin (Savoie)

Interested in reading about Vacherin from the Savoie? Check out Allison's latest post at 
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