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Fondue Cheese

Our cut-off date for online orders is Thursday December 14th.

We can still accommodate pre-orders for cut cheeses, raclette and fondue, but you will have to call the store you would like to pick up from to place your order.

Let us do some of the work for your next cheese fondue. Choose from one of our delicious fondue blends. We'll weigh, trim and grate the cheese for you. 

We recommend serving 150- 200 grams per person if it is for the main meal. When we say main meal, we’re thinking you might have a salad, Fondue, and possibly some dessert. If it is to be part of a larger meal, then 50-100 grams a person should do ok.

Note: Weights are based on cheeses that have been trimmed of their rind. You’ll need to buy a little extra when shopping in-store to allow for the rind.

The final weight of your product may be +/- 25 grams

Follow this link for a full fondue recipe, and/or watch our how-to video below. 

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