COVID-19 policies. Updated November 29, 2021

Seasonal Specialities

Here you'll find some of the special treats that we only carry during the holidays and special occasions.


Our pies are hand made using a labor intensive recipe. 

This means that they're made by hand, in a small batch. 

Pies will be ready for sale on Friday November 26 @ 10 AM. Limit 2 pies per customer. We are not accepting pre orders. First come, first served.


Port Soaked Stilton

The ETA for when the Stiltons are to be ready for sale is approximately December 7. 

Vacherin Mont d’Or

ETA for this cheese s Dec 6-10. We have lots on order. You don't need to panic and get one the day they arrive, but it's likely they will sell out before Xmas. 

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