New Mural

We’ve collaborated with Vancouver Mural Festival to update the mural at the rear of our East Van cheese shop in Strathcona.

Title: 'Remember Us'
Artists: Jerry Whitehead, Take5

Artists' Statement:
In the fall of 1998, Jerry and Take5 met for the first time, both participating side by side in the creation of the 'Walls of Change' mural project that jettisoned them into a friendship that has lasted over two decades. Fast forward to their latest collaboration, the mural entitled 'Remember Us' is a cross cultural creative project to raise awareness of the recently discovered mass graves of First Nation peoples in Canada (summer 2021), many of which were children attending residential schools. Jerry's imagery of family & ancestors (First Nations culture) are juxtaposed with contemporary graffiti art (settler culture), which is intended to signify a deep connection to our past, while also looking at what lies ahead. Our intention is to start community conversations about the path of reconciliation, and developing meaningful relationships in our communities.

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