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Cheesemonger Q&A: Ten Questions with Joe


1) Who are you?

Joe Chaput

2) How long have you worked at LADF?

On an off since the 1980’s, permanently since 2001.

3) Pick one cheese you can’t live without

Any geotrichum ripened chevre. Essentially all those cool ones with the wrinkly rind. 

4) Best cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches?

Havarti. And if possible, on cheese bread from Terra Breads or the Valley Bakery. 

5) Most underrated cheese?

Young Asiago / Asiago Pressato. Simple flavours, soft(ish) texture, but surprisingly wine friendly.

6) Do you have a favourite cheese and beverage pairing?

A German Riesling, preferably Auslese, with Bleu des Basques. 

7) What is your earliest cheese memory?

Pounding back Swiss Knight Tilsit triangles when I was smart enough to get in the fridge on my own.

8) Pick three items from LADF you’re totally loving lately

-Carrs Cheese Melts. They’re the only cracker in their range that is made in Holland.

-Divina jalapeno stuffed olives (for Martini’s)

-Bret’s Jura cheese potato chips

9) Favourite accompaniment with cheese

Butter (with hard cheeses). Don't knock it till you try it. I'm a fan of the Cow's cultured or the Emma grass fed / salted.  

10) If you could only drink one drink for the rest of your life

I'd have to have two.

-Boulevardier (like a Negroni, but sub gin for Bourbon)

-German Riesling

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