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Masi Balsamic Condimento

We are pleased to announce that we've received an order of one of our all-time favourite balsamic vinegars from Italy. These particular bottles come to us directly from the Masi Estate in Valpolicella, Italy.

Soft and complex condiment with appetizing bitter-sweet flavor. It is obtained using an old family recipe by blending the cooked must of semi-dried grapes with well-aged wine vinegar.

Look: dark colour and medium viscosity due to the use of semi-dried grapes.
Nose: Intense aromas of grape skins, dried grapes, and caramel.
Palate: Well balanced sweet-and-sour taste combined with aromas from the wooden cask.

This is a condiment that can be used in many ways: dressing for crudités, ratatouille, salads made in your way, cheeses and salumi used as an aperitif. Ideal with sauces for lean roast meat, stews and red meat casseroles. Great with omelettes. A smart way of using it is as drops on chunks of parmesan.

Since 1353, the Conti Serego Alighieri, descendants of the poet Dante, havcultivated their estates in Valpolicella with love and care, specialising in wineand other traditional agricultural products of the area to make a range of high quality foods for the table.

$14.99 / 250ml

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