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 Etorki, which means "origin" in local dialect, is a Basque-style sheep's milk cheese. Milk comes from the native, local, black- or red-faced Manech ewes, and is sourced from flocks local shepherds and dairy farmers. The Manech sheep have lived in the region for centuries and produce very high quality milk that is ideal for cheesemaking. It takes a total of six gallons of milk to produce just one wheel of Etorki.

The texture of Etorki is smooth, supple and velvety. The color of the interior paste is a gentle, golden, ivory and there are occasional holes or slits. Aromas are earthy and sweet. Flavors are rich and sweet with notes of hazelnut and caramel, and the cheese is voluptuous on the tongue.

Milk Type: Sheep / Pasteurized

Origin: Pyrenees, France

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