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Cow's Unsalted Butter

Cow's Unsalted Butter

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Cow's Unsalted Butter

Premium butter containing 84% butter fat in comparison to the 80% in regular butters. Our butter is made by churning the cream slower and longer in traditional churns. This creates a creamier taste and silkier texture.

Notes From the Farm

We use only Prince Edward Island milk in the production of our dairy products. Dairy cows on PEI eat grass, silage, hay, grain, and water. The grain ration varies from farm to farm. Mainly, it would involve barley and corn, but could include oats, wheat, and soybean. Mineral and salt may be added to the grain mix or available as blocks for the cows to lick. Therefore, we cannot say our butter is strictly grass fed; just partially.

Milk Type: Cow / Pasteurized

Origin: PEI, Canada

Size: 250g

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