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Hi Everyone,

With warmer weather starting to appear, outdoor picnicking is on everyone's mind. We just received a new shipment of fantastic picnic baskets, totes, blankets, and accessories. Only about half of the order arrived, and the rest is on back-order. We're guessing with dining restrictions, picnicking is going to to be popular this summer. Supplies are limited. Limited selection at the Kitsilano store, and full selection at the East Van store. 

Morning dew, damp grass, and sand don’t stand a chance against the Blanket Tote, a cozy portable picnic blanket with a soft fleece topside and water-resistant underside that packs compactly into a carry tote with a shoulder strap and zippered security pocket. With plenty of softness, this outdoor blanket seats the whole family, or use it as a poncho in a pop-up rainstorm!

Picnic blanket. Comes in two sizes. Reg (59"x51") and XL (70"x80"). 
Various patterns. 
Perhaps things would’ve ended better for Romeo and Juliet, had Romeo brought the Verona Wine & Cheese Picnic Basket along. The Verona is anti-drama and pro-love with its deluxe wine and cheese service for two. Open its woven-willow double lids and peer at a fully-lined polyester-cotton interior and an impressive picnic set that includes 2 hand-blown wine glasses, 1 nickel-plated bottle stopper with real cork, 1 stainless steel corkscrew, 2 cotton napkins, 1 hardwood cutting board and 1 stainless steel cheese knife with a wooden handle. We’re not promising anything except excellence, but with a romantic picnic basket like the Verona, maybe you crazy kids have a chance.
Is it a beach bag? Yes. Is it a picnic basket? Also yes. You may find yourself asking more questions, but let me stop you there, because the answer is yes. This is also a tote bag. This is three bags in one, but not literally. Whatever your vice may be, this bag is your fix. Made from willow and canvas, and with a fully-lined interior, this bad boy is ready to tackle anything you put in it, and with five different designs to choose from, you’re sure to have the perfect ensemble piece no matter where you are. Choose from  Khaki (like the pants), Floral, Natural Canvas, and Blue and White Stripe for the perfect beach buddy. Wherever your road leads you, have the destination be the beautiful Coronado Canvas and Willow Basket Tote.
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