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Coltibuono Olive Oil

It's been a few years since this wonderful Tuscan olive oil has graced the shelves at our stores. We're happy to have some in stock, even if it's only a small amount.

Badia a Coltibuono means "Abbey of the Good Harvest". The classic extra virgin olive oil of the same name has been produced in the Chianti region of Tuscany since 1058.

First cold pressed and free of chemicals or heat treatments. The natural acidity is among the lowest in the world. Low acidity is an indication of early harvested olives pressed on the same day. Rich in anti oxidants, and highly resistant to rancidity. The color of the oil is a golden yellow with strong green hues. The taste is fruity with a rich olive flavor. The mild peppery sensation on the back of the palate and a slightly bitter aftertaste are characteristic of an oil produced from tree picked olives.

Production Notes

Manual and mechanical harvesting Olives and Pressing. The olives for this extra virgin olive oil were hand-picked with care.  According to European law, an olive oil labeled  “Extra Virgin” must have acidity of less than 0.8 percent.  Coltibuono’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil has one of the lowest percentages of acid on the market.

Annual production in bottles: 80,000

Acidity at origin: below 0.25%

Serving Suggestions: All kinds of cold plates—salads, meats, vegetables.  Ideal for garnishing dishes that call for drizzling with olio crudo (literally raw oil)—a rich, flavorful oil.

Tasting Notes

The Coltibuono Extra-Virgin olive oil has a golden yellow color with greenish reflections. It is light yet tasty, with an intense fruity bouquet of olives. The slight peppery sensation that can be noticed at the back of the palate and the slightly bitter aftertaste are typical of an oil produced using hand-picked olives which are not excessively overripe.

Very limited supply

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