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Cheesemonger Q&A: Ten Questions with Riza

1) Who are you?

Riza Leonoras

2) How long have you worked at LADF?

Since 2015

3) Pick one cheese you can’t live without

I must agree with Joe on this one, I love a soft ripened goat cheese, especially the geotrichum ripened ones. I can't pass up that gooey outer creamy line and flakey center, the brainier-looking the better! I also enjoy eating a rock hard, super dry aged Crottin when I find it. 

4) Best cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches?

My go-to is a mix of aged cheddar and gruyere

5) Most underrated cheese?

Havarti. I love it with a spicy salami sandwich, melted on toast or just plain snacking.

6) Do you have a favourite cheese and beverage pairing?

I'm not a wine expert but I like how a light to medium bodied red wine can bring out the nutty and fruity flavours of cave aged gruyere.

7) What is your earliest cheese memory?

As a Filipino I grew up eating sweet deserts topped with grated cheese. I especially love steamed rice cakes with extra cheese on top yum!!

8) Pick three items from LADF you’re totally loving lately

- San Nicasio truffle chips

- Marcel Petit Seduction Comte

- Ines Rosales Olive Oil Tortas 

9) Favourite accompaniment with cheese

Hot Pepper Jelly  

10) If you could only drink one drink for the rest of your life



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