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About Our Kitchen

We prepare meals for working women, busy bachelors, seniors and frazzled families who desire delicious quality meals, but lack the time to prepare them. 

Our menu selection will delight any palate.  We have an array of items to satisfy all crowds including vegetarians and kids.

Our kitchen runs quietly behind the scenes at our Hastings Street store, producing savoury food almost every day of the week. Our kitchen works with products we import, along with local meat, cheese and other producers/farms.

All of our soups and entrees are made from scratch in small batches, by hand with care.  That means fresh vegetables, unsalted butter, quality cuts of meat and seafood, whole milk and cream, fresh stocks, garden herbs, and of course, great cheeses.  All of the soups and meals are blast-frozen to lock in flavour.  They will keep for several months, and are effortless to heat. 

We want you to enjoy our high quality food in the comfort of your own home

-Executive Chef, Joe Chaput

Please note that while most of our items do not include nuts, they are made in an environment where nuts are used